Chapter Two: All Hell's Breaking Loose
Act One: This Is the End my Only Friend, The End

The ballroom was meant to be a haven for the survivors of the Pinnacle, but that short lived peace quickly dissolved. Mrs. Harten’s message of faith began to take on a very dark apocalyptic tone, and as her voice grew so did her congregation. Sensing the mistrust and tension building between the soldiers, crowd and religious zealots, the party decided to take matters into their own hands. They devised a plan to amplify the frequency of a localized short wave radio, in an attempt to contact help.

They fought their way through the ship to Udina Forthingtons room, knowing that he was in possession of a short wave radio. They were met with resistance as Forthington took multiple shots with his pistol at the party. His fear was quelled with a successful persuasion attempt, and the party was able to ascertain that the soldiers had been hired to sink the Pinnacle. Udina was hoping to use the situation to profit from an insurance scam, but had no knowledge of the recently risen dead, nor meant any of the passengers harm. He decided to return with the party back to the ballroom. Though the radio worked it did not provide enough range to effectively get in touch with any ships in the area.

The group made a detour to the kitchen and raided enough supplies to keep the passengers fed for roughly one week. Bee Bee began to tap into his survival skills and looked for items which could provide protection against the onslaught of death. Upon returning to the ballroom the group quickly realized that the situation was becoming potentially unstable. They convinced the passengers to rest for the night, and Kirkman took responsibility for the soldiers claiming that they were an addition to her dwindling security force. But the rest was very short lived and all were awoken by the sound of a shrill scream. A small female child roughly 12 years of age reanimated and attacked her mother and little brother. The threat was eliminated when Bee Bee destroyed the child, and Randy took out the mother and small boy. Tough moral decisions needed to be made and these two took it upon themselves to protect the other passengers. Udina, unable to contain himself, had a nervous breakdown and confessed his involvement with the soldiers to the whole of the congregation. The remaining soldiers were attacked by the crowd and as the party, Kirkman, and the Colonel closed the ballroom doors behind them the muffled sounds of gun fire could be heard.

They decided to make their way back to the bridge in order to amplify the signal and get the ships locator device operational. Ninon and Kathleen were able with their combined skills to get a signal to a coast guard ship, but not before discovering multiple sos signals being broadcast simultaneously. To make matters worse while this was happening the party was fending off a never ending onslaught of the risen. Just when it seemed that they were in the clear Randy was taken down and bitten by one of the zombies. Reluctantly the Colonel threw a grenade blowing up a large contingent of zombies and blocking their access to the bridge.

Ninon witnessed the Colonel receiving information on his ear bud. As the party made their way down the stairs they noticed a coast guard ship careening toward the Pinnacle, smoke billowing from its deck. They were followed in tow by a WWII style PT boat, at this sight the Colonel grabbed Kirkman from behind held a gun to her head and stated that his ride was here. “I’m sorry kids, you seem like nice folks but we ain’t got the room or supplies for all of ya. One wrong move and Kirkman is going to catch a hot chunk of lead in her head. This is where we part ways.”

Pinnacle Luxury Liner
Flag Ship of the Future

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of myself, Captain Romero, Chief Security Officer Kirkman and the rest of the crew, I would like to be the first to welcome you to a new chapter in luxury accommodation. Our combination of state of the art technology as well as the most attentive crew experience possible, will ensure that your time with us will be unforgettable. I welcome you aboard.

Thank You for Choosing The Pinnacle


Mr. Forthington


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