Benjamin B. Booya

NFL Lineman


Benjamin B. Booya was born into a lower middle class family in Houston Texas. His Father a mechanic and Mother a part time receptionist. Not rich, but not steeped in tragedy either, “BeeBee” (as he was called “on the streets”) and his siblings (older sister Jarissa, younger brothers Darnell and Edmund) lived and grew up in a loving family.

BeeBee loved 3 things: eating, football, and pro wrestling. This evolved into him becoming a nose-guard in high school football, by his senior year he was 6’6" and 300 pounds. Making All-State he got a scholarship at USC, red-shirted at first but finally working up to first team and the notice of NFL scouts. He entered the draft and finally got drafted in round 7 by the Baltimore Ravens.

While playing football at college he also earned a degree in history and ate his way up to 350 lbs., mostly of muscle. On top of that, knowing he had a chance in the NFL, he was smart enough to have a back up plan – pro wrestling. Just like Duane Johnson.

His first year with the Ravens saw him get very little time on the field. BeeBee understood his situation though and was looking forward to a long career, for a lineman, in the NFL as he was prone to never have an injury. He got his position as 2nd defensive team because of the other 2nd position player was taken out due to an injury as a matter of fact and this would allow him some time in games and on TV, where he could make his Mother proud and maybe his Father, who was now in Heaven with Jesus, could watch him from up high.

Before this season he decided to take his Mother and sister on a nice cruise.

Benjamin B. Booya

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