Ninon Constacia





Ninon Constancia is the product of a enchanted childhood in Spanish Harlem, the child of two immigrant parents. Her mother from France was a skilled baker and owned a small pastries shop. Her father originally from Lisbon played with a local band at night to help make ends meet. So she grew up in a loving home filled with music and learning to cook. 

At 16 Ninon came out to her parents and although not terribly thrilled with the idea of a Lesbian daughter they accepted her and decided to both take a active role in “keeping her out of trouble” by keeping her cooking…
 High school completed she went directly into collage to pursue her dreams to become a chef. Her passion to feed the world her creations came to the attention of many of her instructors at Institute of the culinary education.

Soon after she got a job as a chef at Red Rooster Harlem where she refined her skills until she got gigs as  "guest chef" at various trendy pop up restaurants. As of recent she appeared on the esquire network’s show “knife fight” where she dominated her competition with a mean tasting venison stew. She won her cleaver and the notoriety of her peers. Not wanting to rest on her laurels she continued to work in small establishments creating gastronomic experiences for her guests.

Then her girlfriend dropped the “your too busy for me” bomb and dumped her. Ninon in a rash moment booked a cruise for the two of them thinking it would get back her lady. Sadly here is where we find Ninon.. she is on the ship alone.

Ninon Constacia

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