Randy Hunt

TV Celebrity Champion Lumberjack


Born and raised in La Grande, OR. Randy came from a logging family, and grew up around all things timber. He attended Washington State University, where he majored in Forestry. It was there that he joined the WSU Loggersports club, and quickly established himself as the most talented member, winning several NCAA sponsored competitions. Unfortunately, he was not as successful academically, and dropped out of college at the age of 24.

He returned to La Grande, and began working at the family logging business for a number of years. It was a chance encounter with a television producer for the History Channel’s “Ax Men” that set him off his career of success. When the producer observed him and several co-workers competing in a friendly display of their “Lumberjack” skills, the producer approached Randy and offered to sponsor him in the Lumber Jack World Championships held in Hayward Wisconsin.

The rest, as they say, is history. Randy proceeded to win the next 7 championships, establishing himself as the premier “Lumberjack Master” and catapulting his sport into viewers homes on such high quality channels as ESPN 8:The Ocho. and Fox Sports Midwest. His success allowed him to make a modest career out of doing competitions. He managed to secure sponsorships from Ford Trucks, Copenhagen chewing tobacco, and GI Joe sporting goods stores.

Unfortunately, all was not roses for Randy. He was caught in a well publicized cheating scandal involving a promotion model for the World Lumberjack Championships. His wife left him, took a large portion of his earnings in the divorce settlement, and his sponsors dropped him. This coincided with an unspecified shoulder injury that kept him out of the next competition and ultimately kept him from winning his 8th championship.

Since then, many in the competitive lumberjack circles have speculated that Randy has “lost it” when talking about his ability to come back and win it again. A public split with his manager and agent have added to this speculation.

With his physical rehabbing complete: Randy has begun training to return to the World Lumberjack Championship, but not before taking some well deserved time away to clear his head and relax a little.

He is currently planning on going on a cruise before he gets backs to training full-time.

Randy Hunt

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