Pinnacle: Officer Jillian Kirkman

Chief Security Officer of the Pinnacle


CSO Jillian Kirkman
45 Female 5’8 170lbs


Having a father that was a decorated Pilot in the United States Air Force meant that Jillian Kirkman became accustomed to travel at a very young age. It was no surprise to anyone in her family when she decided to enlist in the military, what was surprising was that she chose the Army with the intention of seeing combat. Jillian grew up tough as nails and often challenged the other military brats to fistfights, she became proficient in judo and boxing at a young age. Even though she was a more than capable soldier she was not placed in a combat role and instead would spend 6 years as an MP. When she was honorably discharged she pursued a career in civil law enforcement, and within a few years had risen through the ranks to become a captain in the 9th ward precinct of New Orleans. Post Hurricane Catrina she vehemently spoke out against her superiors and the ways in which they handled the displaced population of people during the crisis, this eventually led to her resignation. She was courted by the federal emergencies management agency to act as a consultant. This job took her to many parts of the globe and she realized that the one thing that her life was missing was the thrill of travel. Contacts that she made during that duration of her employment led to an appointment as Chief Security Officer for the Pinnacle.

Pinnacle: Officer Jillian Kirkman

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